We have a great opportunity to build a glamping in Colombia

Located in the north of the Pacific coast in the Serranía del Baudó, surrounded by jungle, crystal clear rivers and a great variety of birds and nature.


Thousands of humpback whales begin to arrive during the months of May and June, spreading along the 1,300 kilometers of the Pacific coast during their stay in Colombia, until the end of November. July, August, September, and October therefore become the ideal months for whale watching.

Every year, close to 100,000 tourists visit the region, choosing destinations such as the National Natural Parks of Utría and Gorgona, to spot the up to 5-meter long calves and the huge adult cetaceans of up to 18 meters long.

Chocó department

On the north Pacific coast, the Serranía del Baudó sinks into the ocean, forming bays and inlets and creating an impressive jungle area with immense biodiversity. Towards the south and the west there are rivers and cliffs in the middle of the thick jungle, whose shoreline flaunts virgin beaches surrounded by mangroves and by the largest ocean in the world.

Chocó is home to indigenous and black communities that preserve the beauty and majesty of nature.
You can only get there by sea or by air. This is one of the main humpback whale destinations, which welcomes the avid cetacean giants with a calm and warm place for conception. The Ensenada de Utría National Park (Nuquí), one of the most bio-diverse places in the world and considered the humpback whales’ delivery room, and the Cupica Bay, located further north in the territory of Bahía Solano, are must-see destinations during the whale watching season.

Investment opportunities in the tourism and hotel infrastructure sector

Ecotourism: Opportunities to invest in hotel infrastructure, particularly in hotels in rural areas that capitalize on Colombia’s natural biodiversity.

  • Glamping: The experience of outdoor camping without sacrificing the comfort and facilities provided by traditional hotel accommodation.
  • Eco luxury: Construction of ecolodge hotels.

Urban hotels: Colombia has 14 cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants and 31 with more than 200,000 inhabitants. There are opportunities for new hotels in categories ranging from budget to luxury, including brands focused on youth, seniors, corporate or leisure segments.

  • Entertainment: Opportunities to build theme parks, event and concert venues.
  • Sun and beach: Development of all-inclusive resorts and luxury hotels. Tourism infrastructure: Opportunities to build tourist piers, nautical base and marinas, and bird watching facilities.

Presentation of the hotel glamping encanto colombia project.

In the most beautiful coastline of America, on the Pacific Ocean, on the Chocó coast of Colombia, the most modern and charming hotel that can be visited in the world is projected.

A place where the jungle and the sea are combined in a still virgin site, which will be built with the highest standards of quality and respect for nature.

Your hotel, your camping places with all the comfort that exists, to enjoy the colorful nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city, the Hotel Glamping Encanto Colombia will offer you all the hotel infrastructure for your business meetings, for your rest or for your investment needs, a unique hotel in this part of the world, with its majestic observation tower or elevated walkways on a platform that extends over the property like a boa, providing different environments and respecting the swamp, the existing trees and all the nature around you.

You will be able to observe the humpback whales that play in front of our beach, you will be able to make trips to the jungle, in an exciting stay that you will never forget.

The “Hotel Glamping Encanto Colombia” project aims to be the first to consecrate the coastline as the great “Riviera Chocoana”, which will mix comfort and luxury in the midst of the beautiful nature that surrounds it.

You have the wonderful opportunity to invest in a project that will have guaranteed occupancy all year round, as adventurers and naturalists who love humpback whales, whose season in the area begins in July and ends in November, or the people who love the virgin forest of Chocó, preserved so that you can enjoy it.


48 Kiosks on the beach


11 Sites


1 Observation tower


Hotel reception – 3 convention center auditoriums


Dining room and dressing room


4 Blocks of 10 bedrooms each


Electrical Substation, Wastewater Treatment Plant


15 VIP cabins 240 m2 with all the Green House services


Simple cabins, target customers: naturalists, scientists and adventurers

A project that adapts to all pockets, from the young adventurer looking for economy, to the most demanding people, they will be served with the most demanding hotel protocols in the world.

Its 40 rooms, its 31 glamping shelters, its 30 cabins V.I.P. cabins, its 30 shelters for adventurers, all built in wood, respecting the environment, without contaminating the soil or the fresh water that is born on our property, or all the trees that will be preserved during construction, They will be absolutely respectful of the environment. We will have a wastewater treatment plant and we will collect rainwater, in addition to using solar energy.

These high construction standards will be another reason for visitors from all over the world to fall more in love with “Hotel Glamping Encanto Colombia”

Even if you seek to isolate yourself from the world, you will have the most advanced and efficient communications that exist today, to facilitate your connection with the world.

At the “Hotel Glamping Encanto Colombia”, we will provide all the amenities and beach sports such as horseback riding, surfing, jet skis, diving, windsurfing, paragliding Buggies 4×4

We are completely sure that it will be a profitable investment like no other in this beautiful Colombian paradise, on the Pacific Ocean.


Luxury camping fully equipped with every amenity.

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